Information with Integrity, Inc. is a full-service investigative agency, located in Providence, Rhode Island.  Fully staffed and licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, investigators are situated throughout these states. With years of experience conducting various types of corporate, legal and insurance-related investigations, including stationary and moving surveillance, as well as obtaining videotape and photographic documentation, we have the ability to respond to our clients’ needs.

(and what it means to YOU)

Full time employees.  No subcontractors, which are not covered by the hiring agency’s license.  Make sure YOU ask!

Full insurance coverage including workers comp, general liability, errors & omissions and auto.  Make sure YOU ask!

Employees with health and dental insurance, retirement plan, paid vacation and holidays.  IWI works hard at retaining employees, which benefits our clients with experienced investigators.

Direct communication by investigators to our clients.  You receive direct information from the field by the person conducting your investigations.

Company supplied and maintained equipment including video and digital cameras as well as direct connect radios, which means instant communication between field personnel and the office.

THE BEST customer service in a service industry!

Below is a partial listing of the services we provide.  As each investigation is unique, this is not a complete menu of all services available. 

* Activity Checks
* Surveillance
* Background Investigations
* Locates
* Asset/Financial Investigations
* Written/Recorded Statements
  * Interviewing
  * Overt/Covert Camera Installations
  * Pre/Post Employment Screening
  * Corporate & Retail Investigations
  * Security Consulting
  * Nationwide Database Research
 * Marine Investigations                * Notary Services

Serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut with associates in selected areas.          1-888-596-5004

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